Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese Zodiacs

Rat (pdf) Ox (pdf) Tiger (pdf) Rabbit (pdf)
Dragon (pdf) Snake (pdf) Horse (pdf) Sheep (pdf)
Monkey (pdf) Rooster (pdf) Dog (pdf) Pig (pdf)

These are just a few pictures from our New Year's Celebration. Click on any of the picture images to get a closer look.
2013 MoonFestival & Tea Party
2012 Year of the Dragon
2011 Year of the Rabbit (1)
2011 Year of the Rabbit (2)
2010 Year of the Tiger
2009 Year of the Ox
2008 Year of the Rat
2005 Year of the Rooster
Spring 2004 outing
2004 Year of the Monkey
We're having fun!

Shinping "Champagne" Chyi, or,
Sharon Hsu,, (915)203-7001